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Nature Photography by H. William is committed to providing quality images at affordable prices for your home, office or to give as a one-of-a-kind gift. All of the images are photographed in West Michigan by H. William Lewis and are printed onto professional photographic paper by quality professional labs. Mounted and Matted photographs are provided with black frames and all of our images can be shipped at no charge to any US or Canadian address. All finished photographs are drop shipped to your confirmed address by one of America's top labs. In addition, you will receive, by separate mail, a signed letter of authenticity.

Photographs on this site are not meant to be exact representations of an actual scene as recorded by the camera. As a visual artist rather than a documentary photographer, I reserve the right to alter each image to represent my impression of the scene. I may have increased contrast, changed exposure, color, format, dynamic range, added or removed objects or made other changes to the image. The final image may be composed of more than one image stitched or layered together. Because of this possible manipulation of the image, the image is not to be considered as a documentary representation of the scene as it existed.

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The environment had never been a great concern of mine, that is until I discovered our "Acker Woods." It was always something for someone else to be involved with and as long as it didn't affect my world, then folks could say or do what they wanted about it. I guess I was secretly amused by those who saw the way we live as an endangerment to our planet. But, then, early in 2007, I started my daily walks in the woods. Our new little Lab pup needed exercise and the trails in the woods were the logical place to walk him, along with our other dogs. I remember our first excursion off our "two-track" main road into the deeper part of the woods. I was on a path I'd really never experienced before. There were sights I was seeing for the first time in over 40 years. It was an experience I'll never forget. It was then I knew that I needed to do my little part to show "our" woods to others. To let them see the beauty, the splendor and the majesty of this environmental treasure. So, the next day I took one of the cameras with me and started this photographic collection. Some day this natural environment may be gone. And when it is, then the foxes, the deer, the raccoons, the skunks, the birds and all the other creatures we treasure will be gone with it. I can't document the whole world, but, I can and am documenting "The Acker Woods." It is the one thing I can do. And maybe that is what we should all do; seek to preserve the environment where we are, today. And if we all do that, then the danger to our planet will be reduced.

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